Guiding Principles

  1. Patient-Focused Approach
    The Erie St. Clair LHIN is committed to a patient-focus. By focusing on the patient, we will improve outcomes for the patient and their families.

  2. LHINs are Local
    The Erie St. Clair LHIN is governed locally by a Board of Directors with broad geographic representation from within the LHIN. Our office, staff and leadership are local to our region and their commitment to creating a local health care system is part of every decision-making process.

  3. Community Engagement is Critical
    Community Engagement is central to Erie St. Clair’s health care planning model. By ensuring two-way communication with the communities of Erie St. Clair, our planning will reflect the needs and priorities of our LHIN. Seeking input, listening to our community and building plans together gives everyone in Erie St. Clair a say in their health care.

  4. Borders Do Not Mean Boundaries
    LHINs are boundary-less. Our borders allow us to look at the specific needs of our region. LHIN borders will not impact doctor referral patterns. Patients will continue to receive care from the doctor of their choice, even if that means traveling to another LHIN. By integrating our service plans within our region, everyone will become more aware of the choices that are available to them and should work with their doctors to determine the best location and doctor to meet their needs.

  5. Best Practices Benefit Everyone
    The Erie St. Clair LHIN leverages the networks within our LHIN, and those that span across the province to other LHINs, to learn about and customize best practices that will work for our community. Sharing the best methods of care across LHINs will improve patient outcomes and increase efficiencies that reduce costs.

Value-added work in our LHIN

The Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network (ESC LHIN) staff have successfully implemented four core values across the organization. They  define what is really important to become as successful as possible. These four values include:

DREAM IT – Every idea needs an open mind.

SHARE IT – Knowledge is power.

OWN IT – Know what to do and take responsibility for it.

LIVE IT – Be the example.

We believe that by instilling these values in our organization, our working environment will be greatly improved thereby promoting collective achievement. We look forward to hearing from the people in our LHIN as they see these values put into action.