The Erie St. Clair LHIN uses a variety of planning documents to help ensure that we are moving our health care system forward in a stategic way; a way that helps us to achieve our vision of better care, better experiences, and better value for everyone. 

Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP)

The IHSP is the tactical support for our Strategic Plan. It provides a detailed overview of the key health system strategic directions we pursue over a three year time period. Click here for our IHSP.

Annual Business Plan

This is our annual planning document which helps us to take targeted actions based on our IHSP. Click here for our annual business plan.

Annual Corporate Communications Plan

The Corporate Communications Plan details the ESC LHIN communication priorities, processes, and policies. It outlines clear and attainable communication priorities with tactics. Click here for our annual corporate communications plan.

Annual Community Engagement Plan

All Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) are required to publish a plan for community engagement that is updated on an annual basis. The plan is intended to provide the LHIN community with an overview of activities planned within the fiscal year. Click here for our annual community engagement plan.

A diagram that shows gears being planned