Compliments and Concerns Process

The Compliments and Concerns Process (CCP) provides the public with a means of registering health care compliments and concerns. The process ensures adequate follow-up, resolution, and identifies potential systemic problems. We do not facilitate concerns of an operational nature regarding any funded or non-funded provider. The management of every concern will be from a consumer-service perspective. Concerns are seen as opportunities for learning and evaluating our local health care system. We are committed to the timely and effective resolution of concerns. All concerns will be acknowledged, and resolution processes will:

  • Reflect the Vision and Values of our organization
  • Be transparent, accessible, and responsive
  • Be managed in a timely manner; committing to timelines within our control and communicating frequently with the individual when timelines are dependent on others

The purpose of this policy is to outline the process to review compliments and concerns.

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