ESC LHIN Councils & Committees

Local health care providers and community residents are continuing to work together to improve the health care system as members of Erie St. Clair LHIN committees and councils. Each group has its own Terms of Reference and mandate as they work on initiatives that support the implementation of the ESC LHIN's Integrated Health Service Plan and our Strategic Plan.

ESC LHIN Councils and Committees:

  • Erie St. Clair LHIN Patient and Family Advisory Committees (PFACs)
    The ESC LHIN PFACs are two local group that advise, collaborate and co-design with the LHIN on policies, practices, strategies, planning, and delivery of patient and family centred care. 
  • Erie St. Clair Mental Health and Addiction Network 
    The Erie St. Clair Mental Health and Addiction Network is responsible for providing high-level strategic counsel to the Erie St. Clair LHIN to advance system-wide planning, performance oversight for the Leadership Tables, and informed decision-making.
  • ESC LHIN Rehabilitative Care Committee
    The ESC LHIN Rehabilitative Care Committee works to develop communication strategies and implementation plans to enhance access and patient flow to all bedded levels of rehabilitative care, outpatient and community rehabilitation services.
  • French Language Services Providers Network
    The Erie St. Clair French Language Services (FLS) Providers Network serves as a forum where all health service providers identified and designated for the provision of services in French in the Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) come together to improve accessibility of culturally and linguistically appropriate health services for the Francophone population across the LHIN.
  • Health Equity for Newcomer/Immigrant Committee
  • The HENI seeks to better align and coordinate our local health care system through partnership, communication, and engagement.
  • Indigenous Health Planning Committee
  • As the planning and coordinating body of decision makers, the Indigenous Health Planning Committee (IHPC) has the responsibility of setting out the priorities for the health care needs of the Indigenous communities within the ESC LHIN.
  • Primary Care Council 
    The Erie St. Clair LHIN Primary Care Council is a network of primary care providers that will advise the LHIN on improving integration and quality improvement within Erie St. Clair’s primary health care system
  • Regional Quality Table
    The Regional Quality Table is an action-oriented body, with a role in focusing on regional quality challenges and initiatives, as well as connecting regional and provincial priorities and structures.

Additional Networks:

  • French Language Health Planning Entity
    The Erie St. Clair/Southwest French Language Health Planning Entity provides advice and support the LHINs in the provision of health services in French.
  • Provincial Aboriginal LHIN Network (PALN)
    Each of the 14 LHINs has a dedicated staff Lead to facilitate Aboriginal engagement and planning. These LHIN Leads have formed a community of practice called the Provincial Aboriginal LHIN Network (PALN), which is linked to the LHINs CEO table.
  • Provincial FLS Coordinator Network
    The Network will work collaboratively to develop and implement consistent provincial approaches to strategic French language services priorities, always applying best practices.


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