Health Equity in Erie St. Clair

The Erie St. Clair Health Equity Committee supports the Erie St. Clair LHIN in achieving its vision of Better Care, Better Experiences and Better Value by developing and monitoring the implementation of a health equity strategy to be applied across the LHIN and LHIN-funded organizations.

The health equity strategy will initially focus on three population groups: Indigenous people, Francophones and newcomers/immigrants.

Erie St. Clair Health Equity Committee - Terms of Reference

The committee is in its initial development stages and has started to move forward with planning activities. For more information about the committee, please contact Sarah May Garcia.


  • Raise awareness and establish a common understanding of health equity as an influencer of health outcomes among the LHIN and LHIN-funded health service providers (HSPs).
  • Enhance internal capacity of the LHIN and LHIN-funded HSPs to support and improve health equity.
  • Support the collection, sharing and use of local data, both qualitative and quantitative, relative to equity.
  • Identify and advise on current health equity gaps in the system and confirm priorities for action to address the gaps and achieve the vision.
  • Define and monitor a health equity strategy and quarterly action plans, including identification of key activities, deliverables and resources priorities.
  • Discuss challenges, risks, opportunities and solutions regarding the implementation of the health equity strategy.
  • Engage and build capacity among LHIN-funded HSPs by providing an opportunity for meaningful dialogue between the ESC LHIN and diverse populations.
  • Making system policy recommendations on health equity.


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