Rehabilitation Care Planning

In the second Integrated Health Services Plan (IHSP 2), the ESC LHIN identified rehabilitation services as a key priority area and critical enabler to lowering hospital length of stay, improving patient flow, and maintaining or improving a patient’s strength and tolerance for activities of daily living.

The current rehabilitation system in the Erie St Clair region is fragmented and both residents and providers struggle with knowing how to access and best utilize the system. In addition, stakeholders recognize that the need for change is driven by growing care demands from an aging population, heightening fiscal concerns, ongoing acute care pressures related to ER wait times and Alternate Level of Care, and the reality of health human resource challenges.

These challenges underscored the urgency for our LHIN to develop a clear, pragmatic and inspiring rehabilitation system plan.

Rehabilitation System Strategic Plan for the Erie St. Clair Region

With the support of the ESC Rehabilitation Advisory Network, stakeholders across the LHIN came together to develop a rehabilitation strategy that identifies approaches to ensure timely and appropriate access to care, support for prevention and self-management and sharing expertise and knowledge across providers. The strategy recognizes that rehabilitation is as a key enabler to assist in moving people effectively through the health care system, improving the care outcomes and experiences and ultimately optimizing the abilities, health and quality of life for our residents.

For more information, please click here to download the plan.


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