Advancing Primary Care

Family physicians and other primary care providers are the front line of the local health system – caring for patients and their families close to home and supporting their journey through the health services they receive. Improving access to primary care for our residents and developing stronger linkages between primary care providers and other parts of the health system is aligned with our Integrated Health Service Plan and is a key quality priority. 

Effective primary care is essential to a high performing health system. Lack of timely primary care access can create gaps in care that result in increased use of hospital emergency departments for conditions that could be better managed in the community.

Comprehensive primary care focused on chronic disease prevention and management is linked to reduced avoidable emergency department visits and hospitalizations. Given primary care’s central role, engagement and collaboration between primary care providers and our organization is necessary to improve system integration and achieve efficiencies. 

In order to achieve effective primary care, the Advancing Primary Care Strategy focuses on three priority areas:

  • Preventing avoidable hospitalizations and re-hospitalizations
  • Promoting more timely access to primary care
  • Improving access to primary care for unattached patients.