4 Things You Need to Know About Home and Community Care

Having control over your own independence can mean different things to different people, but one thing that stands out time and time again is the desire to live independently in your own home. Having access to home and community care services can help many people stay independent, while ensuring they are able to live a safe and healthy life.

1 - Options for Care Services

Home and community care services address the needs of people of all ages including seniors, frail elderly, persons with physical disabilities and chronic diseases, children, and any individuals who require ongoing health and personal care to live independently in the community.

Home and community care services exist to lend a hand with tasks such as meals, bathing, dressing, respite care, and other important aspects of healthy living. Depending on your needs, the range of services can include health care resources, non-medical care, and even companionship and social activities.

2 - How to Access Care Services

One of the main contact points into home and community care services is through the Erie St. Clair (ESC) LHIN. A referral for ESC LHIN services can come from anyone and anywhere, be it self-referral, a family member, physician, hospital, school, or other community agency.

The ESC LHIN conducts an assessment of your needs and provides many services including nursing, personal support, various therapy supports, and medical supplies and equipment. The ESC LHIN also has many specialized programs including Mental Health and Addictions, Nursing, School Health Support Services, Palliative Care Consultation Team and Telehomecare. There is no charge for any services provided through the ESC LHIN.

Additionally, the ESC LHIN offers information about, and referral to, services available by other community care and support agencies. You do not have to be an ESC LHIN patient to receive our Information and Referral services. For more information call the ESC LHIN at 1-888-447-4468.

Note: The Patients First Act, 2016, transferred Erie St. Clair CCAC services to the Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network. All contact information remained the same.

3 - Online Resources for Care Services

ErieStClairHealthline.ca: www.eriestclairhealthline.ca
This website provides accurate and up-to-date information about a wide variety of home and community care services, right at your fingertips.

4 - What to do if Living at Home is no Longer an Option

There may come a point when you, or a loved one, are no longer able to live independently at home. This may mean that you will need to look into options such as supported living through a private retirement home or a public Long-Term Care home. For more information on your Long-Term Care home options, please contact the local ESC LHIN at 1-888-447-4468.