ESC LHIN Seeking Input on Sub-Region Areas 

CHATHAM, ON- The Erie St. Clair LHIN (ESC LHIN) will be identifying planning areas (which we are calling our sub-regions) within the LHIN as a means to improve health system planning, coordination, and evaluation, and ultimately to ensure that the residents improve their health status. This work will be done with the input of residents, patients, and health care providers to ensure that the system is responsive to the unique local communities within Erie St. Clair (ESC). While ESC residents can continue to receive health care wherever they need it, focusing on smaller areas to plan health service delivery makes sense: our region is large, diverse, and is a unique mix of urban and rural areas. We know that health care needs and the way we access health care services vary among people living in different parts of our region. With the goal of improved patient and client health outcomes, sub-regions will help us to:

  • effectively plan, evaluate, and improve our local health care system 
  • focus on delivering and providing access-to-care based on community needs 
  • improve care coordination and support easier transitions for patients between acute, primary, home and community, and long-term care settings 
  • improve population health and equity in health outcomes

It is important to note that the sub-regions are not service boundaries and will continue to allow for patient choice. 

Engagement Opportunities

The ESC LHIN will be hosting webinars to share more details on the possible sub-region areas and seek input from the public on the concept of sub-regions. Webinar dates: 

  • Thursday Sept 15th at 6:30 pm 
  • Monday Sept 19th at 10:00 am 

For details on how to join the webinar visit Additionally, an online survey has been launched to collect further input. You can access the survey at or by clicking here.