OHA Webcast/Video Conference - Excellent Care for All Act: Quality Improvement Plans

This broadcast is available for viewing in the Excellent Care for All Act section of our website:

Quality Improvement Plan

A link to the standardized Quality Improvement Plan was sent in an OHA Bulletin on Tuesday, January 25, 2011. To view the Bulletin, please click here. Specific materials relating to the Quality Improvement Plan include:

  1. QIP Short Form: this has been created to assist hospitals meet their legislative requirements and to provide the OHQC with the QIP in a format that permits province‐wide comparison and reporting on a minimum set of quality indicators. The QIP Short Form is composed of a word document and an accompanying Improvement Targets and Initiatives Spreadsheet (excel file):
  2. Guidance document on Quality Improvement Plans:
    This detailed guide walks through the process of completing the QIP Short Form.
  3. Update on Performance based compensation http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/ms/ecfa/pro/updates/performancecomp/update.aspx
    This provides recommendations on how performance based compensation should be incorporated into the QIP.

For more information on the QIP Short Form, please email QIP@ohqc.ca. For more information about Excellent Care for All, or to receive regular ECFAA updates, please email ecfaa@ontario.ca.